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The Director - Private Clients is responsible for understanding and reviewing clients’ financial objectives, attitude to risk, existing personal circumstances and then proposing a suitable strategy, using 7IMs Wealth management services

The Director - Private Clients will be capable of building relationships with both new and existing private clients

Lead flow for prospective clients will arise from a variety of sources including general marketing, events attendance, referrals, partnerships and professional relationships.


  • Understanding and reviewing clients’ financial needs, attitude to risk, personal circumstances and current investments to propose suitable solutions and strategies to help meet their objectives
  • This involves reviewing existing investment portfolios, often producing a detailed written review and proposal as to how we might alter the investments, taking into account a client’s investment aims, attitude to risk and personal circumstances including the tax situation. This will require meeting prospective clients to present our proposed solutions
  • ‘Managing out’ existing investments and reinvesting the capital into 7IM managed portfolios
  • Regular reporting of changes within portfolios and performance to clients
  • Attending review meetings with clients as required to maintain a suitable investment strategy appropriate for the client and his/her aims
  • Highlighting wealth management opportunities for referral to internal Financial planners or execution themselves if authorised with our 7IM wider wealth management service
Developing Business with New Clients
  • To engage with and understand prospective clients needs
  • To present and discuss the appropriate 7IM proposition to prospective clients and follow through individually tailored proposals, to reflect the proposition agreed with them
  • To convert such prospective clients into clients of 7IM and gain additional assets and revenue.
 Maintaining relationships with existing clients
  • To continually engage with existing clients of 7IM, deepening and developing relationships
  • To provide ongoing support and administration to existing clients
  • To regularly review existing clients circumstances to ensure suitable for their current circumstances
  • To maintain adequate records of all ongoing and pertinent communications with clients
Other Responsibilities
  • To make presentations on the 7IM proposition to relevant parties
  • To maintain the sales and CRM databases of prospective and existing and clients, and to provide the required forecasting and business plan information
  • To work closely with relevant Assistants
  • To work in a close and flexible team with all 7IM Directors – Private Clients, Assistants and Business Development colleagues to subscribe to 7iM’s Mission and Tenets and TCF initiative
  • Other responsibilities and duties as reasonably required by 7IM and the relevant line manager

About You


  • Relationship building skills in order to rapidly establish a high level of trust with the clients, both in terms of professional and personal competence and trustworthiness
  • Questioning and listening skills which are focused and empathetic in order to understand fully and sense-check the prospective and existing clients’ true understanding, views and feelings
  • Verbal and presentational skills in order to clearly and passionately communicate the appropriate 7IM proposition and information to prospective and existing clients, in one to one, small and large group situations
  • Written skills in order to clearly, concisely and convincingly present propositions and relevant information to clients in order to support discussions and agreements made with them
  • Assertiveness and tenacity in order to pin down and drive through the specific actions which prospective clientsmust take in order to become fully signed up with 7IM, including having the client assets fully transferred to 7IM, and then to develop and maximise the growth in business from existing clients
  • Planning and time management skills in order to most effectively allocate the time and resources to gain commitment from prospective clients, as well as to manage and develop the business from existing clients
  • Resilience in order to manage conflicting priorities and demands, ambiguity, high work load, rejection and other sources of pressure
  • Accuracy, thoroughness and attention to detail in order to maintain the highest levels of service to 7iM’s clients
  • Team working combined with individual initiative, creativity and self-sufficiency in order to remain effective in the face of rapid change and a lean and efficient management and resource structure
  • Personal development focus, taking responsibility for driving both personal and professional development in order to maximise effectiveness in this demanding role, and to grow with the role, and beyond
  • Commercial awareness in order to identify appropriate target segments and lists, and to profile prospects appropriately, understanding the context of their situation and businesses as well as the implications for the overall business of 7IM
  • Have a very strong awareness of, and passion for financial markets
  • RMs should have a high degree of private client wealth and investment management knowledge including portfolio construction, asset allocation, UK and overseas investment markets, performance measurement and regulatory responsibilities.They should also be aware of the changing trends within our industry and have an appreciation of the opportunity and challenges of working with internal financial planners


  • The successful candidate should have either held the CF30 under the Approved Persons regime or be a Certified individual under SMCR regime.
  • Ideally hold the CISI PCIAM paper or equivalent and hold, or be eligible to apply for, a Statement of Professional Standing
  • Level 6 qualified
  • Financial planning/wider wealth management knowledge desirable, but not essential
Other relevant information
  • Be very clear, driven and realistic in their short, medium and long term professional goals and ambitions
  • Be articulate and project assertiveness, clarity, integrity and gravitas in their personal communication
  • Be commercially astute, disciplined, ambitious and confident in their approach to the development of their own ‘book’, displaying a high degree of personal ownership
  • Willing and able to travel throughout Scotland and North of England when required to meet with prospective and existing clients
  • This role is Edinburgh based, with occasional travel to 7IM Head Office in London



About Us

7IM is an investment management business that helps individuals, families and financial advisers manage money to meet their and their clients’ needs and aspirations.

Founded in 2002 from a basement, seven individuals established 7IM as we couldn't find anywhere we wanted to invest our families' money. Our assets under management now stand at around £17bn, and we have moved from ‘basement’ to ‘Bishopsgate’ in the City of London.

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    Edinburgh - Princes Exchange
    Advertising Salary
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    Advertising Salary
    Competitive plus benefits
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    Edinburgh - Princes Exchange
    Advertising Salary
    Competitive plus benefits
    Contract Type